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Fire Hydrant and Water Main Valve Inspections and Maintenance

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InfraResto offers many services to fulfill your requirements and more.  Our services range from complete fire hydrant inspections, unidirectional flushing programs, to emergency water main repairs to updating systems layout drawings.

To better serve you, as our client, we carry out some work in the Ottawa area during off business hours at your request!

  • 15 years combined experience
  • Complete maintenance and repairs with inventory of parts in stock
  • Complete restoration of hydrants replacing internal parts, seals and lubrication
  • Leak detection
  • Manipulate valves that are difficult to operate with hydraulic manipulator
  • Fire hydrant inspections
  • Repair valve boxes
  • Valve inspections
  • Replace hydrants and valves with cathodic protection
  • Flow pressure tests
  • Repair water main breaks and leaks
  • System isolation tests
  • Reinstate drainage to non draining fire hydrants
  • System unidirectional flushing (reduces coloured water)
  • Update system layout drawings
  • Winter inspections
  • Colour coding and painting of fire hydrants
  • Computerized database of hydrant and valve statistics
  • Fire hydrant markers
  • Thawing of frozen fire hydrants
  • Fire hydrant protection posts
  • System cleaning
  • System shut-down and system isolation for water-main repairs or breaks

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