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Fire Hydrant and Water Main Valve Inspections and Maintenance

Minimum Fire Code Requirements Print E-mail

In order to comply with the fire code, certain services are required and we have compiled a brief summary of our services that correspond with the fire code.  Some of our services are optional but they are available in order to provide you with a cost effective life cycle management program for your fire hydrants.

Please note that if you are in Ontario AND your property is federally owned property, then you must comply with the National Fire Code.  If you are in Quebec, the National Fire Code applies.  If you are not sure, contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Fire Code - Ontario
InfraResto Service - General - Valve Inspections
Water Main Valve Inspection
6.6.4 - Hydrants
Fire Hydrant Maintenance Program
6.6.5 - Inspection of Hydrants
Fire Hydrant Complete Inspection
6.6.6 - Uniform Marking of Hydrants
Flow Pressure Tests for Colour Coding ... hydrant barrel is found to contain water ... the drain valve shall be inspected for operation.* Fire Hydrant Maintenance Program

* Please note that this requirement indicates restoration of the hydrant in order to fully inspect the drain valve.  See Ontario Fire Code for details.


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