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Fire Hydrant and Water Main Valve Inspections and Maintenance

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The bearing eases the operation of the operating nut when the hydrant needs to be opened. 

Depending on the type used, most bearings require maintenance, and often replacement if dirt or water has infiltrated the cone.  If there is dirt in the bearing or the bearing is damaged, then it can become very difficult to operate the hydrant.  Bearings can be easily replaced during a complete restoration of the hydrant.

A defective bearing may not be the only reason a fire hydrant is difficult to operate.  There are other factors that can affect the operation such as a defective main valve disc, a defective upper and lower stem, poorly maintained, improperly used, etc.

Contact us today to sign up for our inspection program.  Our certified technicians will be more than happy to inspect your fire hydrants to identify any problems such as a defective bearing.

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