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The cone is the part of the head mechanism of most fire hydrants.  It is a large piece of metal (usually cast iron), shaped almost like a "cone", hence the name.  The cone is also called a "bearing housing" and one of its functions is to protect the bearing that's used in the operation of the hydrant.

It is important to maintain the gaskets and o-rings especially around this area of the hydrant because when water infiltrates this area of the hydrant, the water will freeze in the winter.  Over time ice will continue do more damage and will crack the cone.  A cracked cone can easily render the hydrant inoperable.

A cone being damaged by harsh winter conditions is preventable with a life cycle management program.  Just like a car, with regular maintenance a fire hydrant will last longer.

For more information on our life cycle management program, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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