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Fire Hydrant and Water Main Valve Inspections and Maintenance

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InfraResto has developed a Maintenance Program for fire hydrants to comply with the maintenance and restoration requirements stipulated in both the Ontario Fire Code and the  National Fire Code regulations.

InfraResto can carry out the operational rehabilitation of your fire hydrants without excavation using specialized procedures. This service will ensure your fire hydrants are maintained in good operating condition.

National and Ontario Fire Code Regulations

The National Fire Code and Ontario Fire Code require that all municipal and private fire hydrants be maintained in good operating condition at all times including hydrant marking as per item 6.6.6.

Some common procedures that must be performed in order to comply with this regulation are:

  • Defective caps and nozzles must be replaced
  • Leaking main hydrant valves must be replaced
  • Approved measures shall be taken to prevent hydrant freezing and leaking main valves.
  • Water accumulation in hydrants must be prevented.

Please note that insurance companies and the fire code expect fire hydrants to be maintained in good operating condition at all times.


  • Identifies your system layout on site drawing.
  • Increases knowledge of your systemís configuration, performance, and operation.
  • Manipulate valve with hydraulic manipulator (when required).
  • Ensures continued valve operation during emergency conditions.
  • Protection of investment through the repair of seized valves and deterioration caused by sediment and corrosion building-up. During a watermain break, the strength of water can create considerable damage to infrastructure such as watermain and sewer bedding, paving, curbs, sidewalks and other site furniture including landscaping, retaining walls, erosion problems, flooded basements, and liabilities for safety to the public.
  • Clean and unblock valve boxes and valve chambers to ensure access to valves for shut down.
  • Repair broken valve boxes and chambers.
  • Replace seized and broken valves.
  • Repair valve leaks.
  • Repair watermain leaks.

Our Recommendation

For the safety of your occupants, as well as for the protection of your investments, InfraResto strongly suggests compliance to the National Fire Code.

To assist you in your efforts towards this goal, InfraResto recommends one spring, one fall, and three winter inspections together with one annual valve inspection. This program aims to inform you of your fire hydrants and valve operating conditions. Subsequent rehabilitation can then be addressed to ensure your fire hydrants are maintained in good operating condition.

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