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Date: 2006-03-23 10:28:08
Fire Hydrant Information Resource

Dear [NAME],

We have created a newsletter for our clients' convenience. If you do not wish to receive our newsletter, please click on the unsubscribe link at the end of this email. We encourage you to read our newsletter via email in order to benefit from special information notices and special offers.

This issue of our newsletter contains information about our newly revised website, a questionnaire on fire safety, and some recommendations based on what you already know about your fire hydrants.

Emergency Response Plans and Fire Safety

Please review our quick questionnaire and comments to help you determine any possible concerns on the fire safety of your tenants.

  1. Are your fire hydrants always in operating condition?
    It is incredible how fast fire can spread in one minute.  Knowing your hydrants are in operating condition is imperative.
  2. Can you call a company to close down your water service in case of a water main break?
    The City is not responsible for this work and will assist you on a priority basis after they have resolved their own systems priorities.
  3. Are your fire hydrants protected against possible damage?  Do you have markers on your fire hydrants to help prevent damage from snow removal equipment?
  4. Are all of your fire hydrants visible?  Are your fire hydrants obstructed by cars, trees/shrubs, or snow?
  5. Have you identified the fire hydrants on your property that are more susceptible to damage?  Do you inspect them weekly for damage?
    Our records show that 90% of fire hydrants that are hit are: by visitors; and are not reported.
  6. Are your fire hydrants flow tested and colour-coded as per NFPA to identify their capacity to fire fighters?
  7. When were your fire hydrants last restored (our database would indicate if we restored the fire hydrant previously)?
    Like your vehicle, your fire hydrants require maintenance such as lubrication, replacement of gaskets, o-rings, and the main valve disc.  Your fire hydrant’s inner drains are small and need cleaning to maintain the drainage of the lower body and prevent freezing in the winter.


City Inspections
We decided to revisit some issues (as mentioned in our article in the BOMA directory) concerning the fire hydrant inspection program that is no longer offered by the City of Ottawa.  This article reviews what the City of Ottawa previously offered and some confusion and concerns some people had when the City stopped inspecting private fire hydrants on March 24, 2004.

Special Offer (valid only if contract is approved between March 1, 2006 and April 30, 2006)

If your hydrants have not been restored in the last 3 years, we highly recommend that a semi-restoration be done as preventative maintenance.  A semi-restoration repairs the upper-inner body of your fire hydrant.

If your hydrants have not been restored in the last 5 years, we highly recommend that a complete restoration be done as preventative maintenance.   A complete restoration repairs both the upper-inner and lower-inner body of the fire hydrant.

As a special offer, for those of you who select to have your fire hydrants restored and had your fire hydrants inspected by us last year, we will inspect your hydrants at no additional cost.  Visit our website to find out what our complete inspection includes.


New Changes to Website
To help you understand how fire hydrants work and why restoration work is important, we have revised our website for your convenience.  Our updated web site contains valuable knowledge about fire hydrants through the first interactive fire hydrant information resource.  You will also find information about our services and excerpts from the related fire codes for your convenience.  Please visit our web site at:


Limited time Special Offer!

We offer a 5% discount on all inspection contracts signed before April 30, 2006

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